Size Chart

One size does not fit all and that's okay! So, depending on your personal taste, take a look at our size chart to find which size will suit your body type the best.

Our t-shirts and crewnecks are made from scratch so the design is IT'S OKAY exclusive - you won't find it anywhere else.

Our products are gender neutral, so for cis-women, they can be wider. If you prefere tighter clothes, go down one size. 

T-SHIRT 220 gsm gender-neutral | 7 different sizes: SEE MORE

it's okay size chart | organic t-shirt made in Portugal from scratch. From 2XS to 2XL because one size does not fit all. t-shirts produzidas em algodão orgânico com design exclusivo

T-SHIRT 180gsm gender-neutral | 6 different sizes: SEE MORE

it's okay size chart from essential organic t-shirts. Onde size doesn't fit all and thats okay. Pt: tabela de medidas das t-shirts orgânicas essential brancas e pretas.

SWEATSHIRT gender-neutral | relaxed fit |  8 different sizes: SEE MORE

it's okay organic crewneck chart. Pt: tabela de medidas da orgânica camisola crew

Sizes can vary from 2-3 centimeters because they are measured by hand. 1inch=2.54cm The size matched on a label can differ from the one you have ordered