image: girl with arm tattoos wearing raspberry cap and essential black t-shirt made with organic cotton in Portugal. pt. mulher com tatuagens com um boné raspberry e a t-shirt orgânica essential em preto.

Goals can be really scary and that's okay.

Goals can be really scary. They can be intimidating and sometimes really, really hard to achieve. Personal goals are set by our will for success and development, not achieving them can make us feel we're not capable of doing something. We believe that success isn't about the top of the mountain, it's all about the process and journey that can lead us there. It's about the difficulties and challenges we overcome, along the way. Goals are about not turning back (or turning when we have to), it's about resilience. Achieving a goal is our effort manifested in a long and hard journey. Goals can reveal a great sense of accomplishment because we aren't yet the person who can achieve them, we grow into that person and sometimes we reach it before we achieve the goal itself. Focus on small wins, break your goals into little ones, figure what's blocking you and take pride in your journey by celebrating your progress. If you don't know what your goals are just yet, that's okay. Try different things, focus on small goals and follow what makes you happy. Grow into your best self during your progress, goals only matter if you achieved them in good conscience. Keep going!



it's okay team. 

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